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About The

Danbury Sports Dome

Get to know The Dome!

The Danbury Sports Dome is an indoor, state-of-the-art, multi-sport, corporate and special event complex with unparalleled space, a seasoned professional staff and unique customer experience with an infinite number of uses.

The East Coast's largest domed facility provides the ultimate year-round temperature-controlled environment and an always enjoyable and fun atmosphere for everyone of all ages. This indoor sports facility is located in Danbury, Connecticut

Mission Statement

The Danbury Sports Dome operates with the highest standards and is guided both by our key values, our commitments, & corporate citizenship.

Our Commitments

  • To always provide the ultimate customer experience and strive to exceed the expectation of our customers, partners, and employees.

  • To always maintain a safe and superior athletic facility, an ideal environment for all who are inside the dome and Wi-Fi internet access during scheduled hours.

  • To always seek ways to give back to our community through all our interactions with our neighbors, aligning with a local cause, and being an active contributor to the economic cultural growth of Danbury.

  • To always do things in the most environmentally sound way; to respect our natural resources and foster that mindset with all who interact with the Dome.

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Facility rules

  • All Participants must complete and sign a Waiver/Release of Liability and Player Registration Form. If the participant is under 18 then the form needs to be signed by their guardian.

  • No spikes, or cleats are to be used on the turf… only turf shoes or sneakers allowed.

  • Only players, coaches, and officials are permitted on the Playing Fields. 

  • No spectators are permitted on the Playing Fields. 

  • All children must be chaperoned by parent, guardian, or coach at all times. 

  • Please be aware and give way to athletes on the Track at all times. 

  • Do not enter the Training Area, Playing Fields, or Track unless permitted by a Danbury Sports Dome member of staff. 

  • No food, snacks, gum or candy are allowed on the fields. 

  • Water is the only liquid that is allowed to be consumed on the playing field or training area.

  • No glass containers anywhere. 

  • No tobacco products allowed in the Dome at any time.

  • No alcoholic beverages allowed anywhere on the Sports Dome’s grounds. 

  • You are responsible for placing all your trash and recyclables in the proper receptacles.

  • No pets allowed inside the Sports Dome.

  • Foul and abusive language will not be tolerated.


**Please help keep your Sports Dome clean.

Any violation of the above listed will result in your dismissal from the facility**

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