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DSD K-7 Remote Learning Day Program - Week # 4 & 5 Now Open...
"Supporting the Families & Children in our Surrounding Communities" 

Our NEW DSD K-7 Remote Learning Day Program - 7am-5pm daily Supporting parents that need a safe and enriching environment during the new blended school year. The DSD K-7 Remote Learning Day Program will ensure your children keep up to date with their remote learning and homework but also enjoy the fun games, sports, and activities the Dome can offer throughout the day... It's the best of both worlds school and camp in the same day!



1 Day, Multiple Days, Full Weeks, & Half Days Available!

$45 per Full Day : 7am-5pm

$30 per Half Day (AM or PM) : 7am-12pm or 12pm-5pm


Experienced Directors & Counselors will supervise and guide your children through a structured day that will allow them to meet the needs of their remote learning and have a lot of fun participating in fun recreational activities so they don't just exercise their minds but also their bodies.

All children will be temperature screened before entry to the facility. Any child with a temperature of 100°F or above will not be allowed to enter the facility so please check your child's temperature before you leave your home.

Face masks will be worn when the children enter the facility and while the children are not participating in field activities unless it is a risk to their health.

Children will be in groups no more than 16 and will socially distance while not participating in the fun games, sports, and activities. Frequent hand sanitizing and wipe downs of areas and equipment will take place throughout the day.

We know this is a challenging time for all and with that in mind you can sign up for the days and weeks that suite your work schedules.

We will also comply with all the local and state policies, guidelines, and protocols that we have had in place since we reopened in June. This enabled us to run a hugely popular and successful 5 weeks of camp this past Summer.

Make your child’s remote learning home from home the Danbury Sports Dome!

Please note the registration system offers a shopping cart and checkout service. We will have an offering for each week of school (See below for Week number and dates). So for your convenience, you can sign up and pay for individual days, multiple days, or the week and then do the same for the other weeks at one time. When you arrive at the registration page please use the numbered page scroll button at the bottom of the page to find the week you wish to register for. 



CURRENTLY  Week #4  - Week #5  Registration is Open Only

                                                           Week #4 : Sept 29 - Oct 2 (no Monday as it is Yom Kippur)

Week #5 : Oct 5 - 9 

Unfortunately we regret to inform you that due to the lack of sign ups we will not be able to sustain running the program after Week #5. Therefore, Week #5 (Oct 5 - 9) will be the last week to sign up for the Remote Learning Program. 
We apologize in advance if this causes you any inconvenience but we are sure you will also understand why this decision has been made. 
Yours sincerely, 

The Management Team



When a child with a disability needs a reasonable modification to a program offered by the Danbury Sports Dome, or needs a modification to the Danbury Sports Dome’s rules, policies, or practices in order to participate fully and equally in the Danbury Sports Dome’s programs in the most integrated setting, the parents or guardians of the child should inform the Danbury Sports Dome’s ADA Coordinator.  

The request should describe the nature of the individual’s disability and the modification needed.  Upon receiving a request for an accommodation, the Danbury Sports Dome will work with the parents or guardians of the child in order to make an individualized assessment as to whether the requested accommodation can be granted. 

Please contact Danbury Sports Dome's ADA Coordinators Ray Franklin or Kirk Bamford at 203 778 3663 

or email info@danburysportsdome.com