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DSD Kiddie Crushers: Boys & Girls Ages 5-10

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7-week session - one class per week
You can sign up for single classes as well. 


The classes are built around fun and focus on fundamental skills through the use of games and activities. Experienced qualified coaches will coach the classes.

Kiddie Crushers is designed to familiarize your son/daughter with a basic individual skillset, and techniques associated with individual basic baseball & softball mechanic mastery by using fun games and activities.  The sessions follow a cohesive and technically oriented curriculum, focused on the individual student all while improving fine motor skills in the process. 



When a child with a disability needs a reasonable modification to a program offered by the Danbury Sports Dome, or needs a modification to the Danbury Sports Dome’s rules, policies, or practices in order to participate fully and equally in the Danbury Sports Dome’s programs in the most integrated setting, the parents or guardians of the child should inform the Danbury Sports Dome’s ADA Coordinator.  

The request should describe the nature of the individual’s disability and the modification needed.  Upon receiving a request for an accommodation, the Danbury Sports Dome will work with the parents or guardians of the child in order to make an individualized assessment as to whether the requested accommodation can be granted. 

Please contact Danbury Sports Dome's ADA Coordinators Ray Franklin or Kirk Bamford at 203 778 3663 or email info@danburysportsdome.com 



$150 for 7-week session



Session 1: Feb 27 - Apr 9 - Thursday's 4-5pm