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The playoffs to conclude this year's ten-week High School Winter League were conducted in two seven-team divisions.  Pictured here below are Orange Division Finalists, Fairfield Ludlowe victors 8-7 over Staples ...and 2018 defending champion Trumbull, which defeated Lakeland 5-1 for the 2019 championship in the upper Blue Division. Congratulations to Trumbull, Ludlowe, and all of the league's teams for an excellent season.
(Pictured above are Orange Division Finalist, Fairfield Ludlowe and Staples)
(Pictured above are Blue Division Finalists, Trumbull and Lakeland)
Congratulations to the Rawlings Wildcats, victors over the Connecticut Diamond Club to take the championship of the inaugural 2019 10U Spring Bloom tournament.
(Pictured above are: The Rawlings Wildcats and The Connecticut Diamond Club) 
Congratulations to the 4th Annual 16/18U Holiday Swansong tournament champion Connecticut Mirage, come-from-behind winners over the Rawlings Wildcats in the very entertaining final game.


(Pictured: Connecticut Mirage - Championship Team)

Congratulations to the Dutchess Debs who took home 1st place and defeated the Connecticut Diamond Club in the championship game of the 3rd Annual 12U Spring Warm-up Marathon Softball Tournament.


Congratulations to the New York Bluefire, victors over the Rawlings Wildcats, to take the championship of the 2nd annual 10U Springfest Marathon Softball Tournament!
Congratulations to Trumbull, playoff champions of the Dome's second year hosting a ten-week High School Winter League season that involved eight teams from Connecticut and New York. They defeated Masuk (Monroe) 1-0 on a 7th-inning home run to dead center field. Masuk went on to win the CIAC Class L state championship in the spring while Trumbull finished second in the Class LL tournament.
(Pictured: Trumbull & Masuk)
Congratulations to the Connecticut Fury for being crowned champion of the 2019 4th annual 14U Presidents’ Day Challenge Softball Tournament. The Fury defeated the Southington Lightning 05 team in the championship game.


(Pictured: The Connecticut Fury & Southington Lightning '05 - Championship Teams)




Congratulations to the Empire State Huskies who defeated the Western Massachusetts Screaming Eagles in the championship game of the 2019 4th annual 14U Beat-The-Winter-Doldrums softball tournament. 


(Pictured: Empire State Huskies & Western Massachusetts Screaming Eagles - Championship Teams)


Congratulations to the Diamond Club, victors over the Connecticut Fury to take the championship of the inaugural one-day 14U Turkey Shootout tournament.



Congratulations to the Connecticut Titans who defeated the Connecticut Fury in the championship game of the inaugural 12U Spring Breakout softball tournament.